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Igniting Identity

This thesis project was a toolkit for urban Indigenous youth getting ready to reconnect to their roots. This toolkit gives youth the power to have crucial conversations about their identity in self-determined safe spaces. This resource provides the opportunity to explore culture, using cards that have conversation starters, information, drawing and writing prompts. It acknowledges all senses and keeps participants engaged. Start this experience by using the medicine bowl and sage to smudge, and explore your identity with friends, family and peers. 


The information in this toolkit is based upon Niibins teachings they’ve been taught and their experiences learning about culture as an urban Indigenous youth.


This is a walk through for Igniting Identity's website. This site provides various resources to connect youth to their community as well as indigenizing their social media feeds. Providing an online space with

us for youth to explore our toolkit, breaking down the barrier of feeling disconnected from community. Using our toolkit as a stepping stone to get comfortable before immersing yourself within community.

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